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Puretone Music is proud to support established and upcoming bands artists. More and more are now using and recommending Puretone in-ear monitors when playing live.

- Justin Hayward

Justin Hayward Visit http://www.justinhayward.com/


Justin Hayward is best known as a songwriter, lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Moody Blues. When Justin was 15, he was able to afford a Gibson guitar and a Vox amplifier through performing with local Swindon groups in clubs and dance halls playing mostly Buddy Holly songs. One of Justin's early groups was All Things Bright, which opened for The Hollies and Brian Poole and the Tremeloes. In 1965, he answered an advertisement in Melody Maker and auditioned as guitarist for Marty Wilde and he joined Marty Wilde as a member of his backing band “The Wilde Cats.” His famous voice can also be heard on Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. Justin has recently been involved in the remastering of The Moody Blues back catalogue for Universal Music.

"I've been using my Puretone in ears for a while now and they are perfect for me. They are simple, bright and clean."

- Justin Hayward

- Andy Pelos

absolutionband Visit www.showaddywaddy.net/


IEM's have given me a greater sound quality helping me to improve my vocals. You're able to move freely around the stage. They also lower the decibel level saving my hearing. I strongly recommend custom in-ear monitoring and Puretone Music. Huge thanks Andy Pelos (Lead singer For Showaddywaddy).
- Andy Pelos, Showaddywaddy

- Absolution

absolutionband Visit www.absolutionband.co.uk


Absolution formed in May 2010 with the sole intention of fulfilling an obligation for a 40 minute support slot. Now, with the second studio album Dusty Road released, international sales, critical acclaim for debut effort Issues and first concert release Live From The Front along with a growing fan base, that 40 minute support slot has over-run somewhat!
With three musicians from different backgrounds and different styles, Absolution create a fresh and exciting sound.

"Puretone Micro Monitors are the only in ear monitors I could ever want to use. Hearing protection along with perfect clarity of sound gives me exactly what I need every time!"
- Joe, Absolution.


STEPS Visit www.stepsofficial.co.uk


This year not only marks the 10th year since their infamous split, but also celebrates the reunion and announcement of a UK arena tour of pop phenomenon Steps. The band who soon became a household name with their dance routines & catchy lyrics!

Puretone Music supplied each member with their own Micro Monitor Classic 3s, for their sold out arena tour!

"Puretone Music In-Ear Monitors helped me to fully focus on the musical dynamics of our Ultimate tour, providing clear quality of sound and in-ear comfort every night."
- Lee, STEPS.

"We couldn't have done our sell out Arena tour without them! Thank you!"

- Phil Campbell, Motörhead

Phil Campbell, Motorhead


Philip Anthony "Wizzö" Campbell (born 7 May 1961, Pontypridd, Wales) has been the lead guitarist of the British heavy metal band Motörhead since 1983.
He is also the former guitarist of Persian Risk.

Motörhead UK tour on the 5th of November starting in the Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England.
6th November, Apollo in Manchester.
8th November, City Hall in Newcastle.
9th November, Academy Glasgow.

Go and check them out! www.imotorhead.com

- The Mini Band

The Mini Band

Visit www.theminiband.com


The Mini Band comprises 6 of the most musically gifted kids from the UK.
The 8 to 11 year olds have had amazing success is such a short time.
Puretone Music supplied each member with their own set of custom-made Elacin ER's!

"Thank you so much for my ear plugs! They are very comfortable, and I am really pleased with them :))))”
- Zoe Thomson, The Mini Band Guitarist.

Pictures of The Mini Band getting their impressions taken:

- DJ Steven Cooper - 98FM DJ

Steven Cooper


“I love my monitors they are unreal to use and the difference they made the next morning! I had no ringing in my ears!
Mixing with them took a little while but they work a treat!
The sound is amazing and I'm trying to encourage more DJs to convert!
A big thank you to Paul Hussey of Hearing Healthcare Ireland for taking the impressions and fitting the monitors.”

- DJ Steven Cooper, 98FM DJ

Visit www.StevenCooperDJ.com

- Philip James, The Craze - One Man Two Guvnors.

One Man Two Guvnors


Phil James, guitarist from "The Craze" preforming at the west end, in a show called "One man Two Guvnors" starring James Corden.

“Last night was our live broadcast which was an amazing experience! We played to over 100,000 people across the world and the monitors did us proud.
The MMC3's are the most responsive and comfortable monitors I have used to date. With almost perfect isolation I can get the mix I need in loud live situations or in the studio. Fantastic!
I think you can’t beat them.”

- Philip James, The Craze



“Hi, this is Joe Atkinson on the McFly 2011 ‘Above the Noise Arena Tour’.
I'm here promoting Puretone in ear systems, these are the ones I have here, custom-made and moulded to your ear as you can see here.
Very pristine sound, I have been using these a lot, they really detail the lows as well as the highs, and also get the middle mixed in very well. I think for a good budget and overall excellent sound in all venues really, I have used these in small venues and as well as the bigger ones. I think you can’t beat them.”


Visit www.thatsundayfeeling.com

- Roger O'Donnell - The Cure

Roger O'Donnelll


"When I was asked to perform at the Sydney Opera House with The Cure this year I knew I needed the best monitors available!
Puretone's Micro Monitor Classic 3s provided me with a level of clarity and quality that I had not heard before in over 15 years of using "in ears". They have taken it to a new level"

- Roger O'Donnell, The Cure.

Visit www.rogerodonnell.com

- Austin Dickinson, Rise To Remain

Austin Dickinson


Created on the streets of London in 2008, Rise To Remain, a five piece metal band storming from the heart of the UK, have begun to make their mark. Having toured with bands such as Trivium, Five Finger Death Punch, Shadows Fall, The Haunted and played festivals such as Download and Sonisphere, the band are no strangers to the live circuit.

"Puretone are the only in-ear monitors I can use night after night, and I still get surprised by them. Cracking stuff"
- Austin Dickinson, Rise To Remain.

For more information on Rise To Remain - Visit www.risetoremain.com

- Justin Quinn

Justin Quinn


Born 1978 in New York, but largely based in Britain, Justin's professional career began in his late teens, sitting in on his father’s gigs in New York and he has been establishing an ever increasing reputation on both sides of the Atlantic. His debut album with his own group Bakehouse was named 1 Jazz Album of 2005 by MOJO magazine and described as “Convincingly jagged, serene, tranquil, provocative, reassuring and strangely beautiful all at once”.
Justin is also a winner of the 2004 BBC Jazz Award for Innovation.

"Puretone Micro Monitors delivery a fantastic level of clarity across the audio spectrum without the midrange spike found in many other in-ears. I rarely leave home without them!"
- Justin Quinn.

For more information on Justin Quinn - Visit www.justinquinn.co.uk

- The Morning After


Hailing from the South East, TMA consists of four guys with an incessant passion for OTT, wailing 80's metal. Throwbacks? Think again fast.

What makes this band so exciting is that they've mixed the best examples of todays metal with British heavy metal that was around two decades ago. Think; dual guitar solos hotter than a night with Angelina Jolie, Beatdowns that could take your head clean off and bridges so epic and tough, you'd form a six pack and pecks with one dangerously infectious listen.

First single from the band's forthcoming album 'Legacy'.
Visit www.facebook.com/TMAOfficialUk

- Status Quo

"Puretone Micro Monitors not only protect our hearing, but allow us to do what we do best - putting 100% effort into our music"


Francis Rossi, singer and guitarist with Status Quo said...

"Puretone Micro Monitors not only protect our hearing, but allow us to do what we do best - putting 100% effort into our music".
- Francis Rossi


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